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How to embrace your perfectly imperfect self

Released: 03/09/2020

In a world that often makes us feel like we’re not good enough, this book wants to celebrate just how incredible you are.


• Write down 5 things you like about yourself that make you, you.

• What is your weakness and how can it be used as your superpower?

• Put your phone down and do one of your favourite non-phone things.



and find your own happiness along the way

Released: Feb 2018


A creative journal for brightening the world around you. In a world that often feels gloomy, it’s easy to feel trapped in negativity. Let this bright, creative journal be your escape.

• Find a feel-good news story from this week and tape it on the page.

• Send a friend a care package filled with funny notes and their favourite treats.

• Surprise a stranger by paying for their coffee.

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HAPPY DAYS: 365 Facts to Brighten Every Day of the Year

Released: September 2024


A wonderfully joyful book bursting with 365 happy facts to brighten every day of the year.

Did you know that otters hold hands when they sleep or that a group of pugs is called a grumble? Discover this and much more in this joyful collection of happy facts, wholesome true stories and uplifting statistics for young readers to learn from and enjoy. Including adorable stories of animals and inspiring stories of humanity, and beautifully complemented by Emily Coxhead’s vibrant artwork, this is the perfect gift to enjoy each and every day for years to come.(‎ages 6-12 years)

Released: June 2022


A joyful and imaginative book of feelings from the creator of The Happy News.


Feeling happy is a wonderful thing! But do you ever feel sad or angry, frightened or shy? Everyone does sometimes, but with a little help from Sloth and the people you love, there is always a way to FIND YOUR HAPPY! (‎ages 2 - 6 years)


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