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Make Someone Happy - Emily Coxhead

A Creative Journal for Brightening the World Around You

In a world that often feels gloomy, it’s easy to feel trapped in negativity. Let this bright, creative journal be your escape:

• Find a feel-good news story from this week and tape it on the page.
• Write down the things that make you smile today.
• Send a friend a care package filled with funny notes and their favourite treats.
• Surprise a stranger by paying for their coffee.

While no person can fix every problem, Make Someone Happy is your inspiring reminder that small, wonderful things are happening every day, and you have the power to spread joy too. For anyone who feels overwhelmed or needs a dose of kindness, this interactive pick-me-up will help you bring light to your little corner of the world, and the lives of those around you.

Article by Richard Branson: Make Someone Happy

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