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Make Someone Happy - Emily Coxhead
A Creative Journal for Brightening the World Around You

In a world that feels increasingly gloomy, this book wants to make you happy.

These days it seems like every time we pick up our phones or strike up a conversation, we're hit with grim news, stressed status updates, and cynical gripes about the future. But there's so much good happening underneath all of that--you just have to look for it. Make Someone Happy is filled with creative prompts to help you do just that:

- Find a good news story from this week.
- Fill a box with treats and positive notes, then send it to a friend.
- Who do you take for granted? Tell them how much they mean to you.
- Think of the kindest thing someone's done for you--how can you pay it forward?

Every page of this creative journal focuses on the bright spots we overlook in every day, and will inspire you pass these simple joys on to the people who inhabit your little corner of the world. With infectious charm and delightful hand-illustrations, Emily Coxhead challenges you to dispel with your grumpiness and recognize the helpers ("Everyday Heroes") in your area, leave an encouraging note for a stranger having a bad day, or ask yourself what you can do to share some positivity.

While no person can fix every problem, Make Someone Happy is a reminder that together we can make the world a kinder, happier place, one random act of goodness at a time.

USA Edition (out Feb 2018):
Barnes & Noble
Penguin Random House
BAM (Books-A-Million)

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